Give VBA devs proper tooling, see what happens.

About Rubberduck

Rubberduck is first and foremost a project, aiming to bring the VBIDE functionality into this century, free of charge for all its users.

The project started in late 2014 as a C# port of a test runner tool written in VBA; it didn’t take too long to realize we could easily take the code in the editor, tokenize it, process it, analyze it, and then provide a wide array of developer tools to enhance the VBIDE experience.

Rubberduck is about learning, and paying forward: the project co-founder wrote their very first lines of C# for Rubberduck, and several contributors later did the same. Core contributors are always happy to guide new ducklings toward their first pull request!

Rubberduck is also about teaching: inspections will not just tell you that Option Explicit is missing, it will also explain why you want Option Explicit enabled everywhere. Many inspection ideas stemmed from questions frequently asked on Stack Overflow, and again explain what’s going on and why that might be a problem. If you’re new to VBA, Rubberduck inspections can teach you things about how VBA works, that many veterans took years to learn about!

The project’s blog presents new releases and upcoming features, and frequently proposes intermediate/advanced VBA topics revolving around object-oriented programming and clean code. A dedicated repository was created to host all VBA code examples from blog articles.

About Me

As for me, I’m Mathieu Guindon. I co-founded the project in late 2014, and manage it to this day; although my code contributions have slowed down, I still provide the French translations, review and merge most pull requests, and as everyone else on the team I’m always happy to help onboarding new contributors, or just answering questions about anything VBA, C#, or Rubberduck. You may have seen me on Stack Oveflow or have come across my writings about object-oriented programming in VBA, which I publish on the project’s blog.

Microsoft MVP logo

I was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2018-2019, renewed in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. This photo was taken at MVP Summit 2018, I did cut the hair since :)

When I’m not working, programming for Rubberduck, writing an article, or helping others with their code, there’s a good chance I’m spending some time with my kids and family, ...or playing some harmonica.

Mathieu Guindon