Use Meaningful Name

Warns about identifiers that have names that are likely to be too short, disemvoweled, or appended with a numeric suffix.


Meaningful, pronounceable, unabbreviated names read better and leave less room for interpretation. Moreover, names suffixed with a number can indicate the need to look into an array, collection, or dictionary data structure.

Default severity


Inspection type



This example should trigger a result

MyModule (StandardModule)
Public Sub CpFrmtRls(ByVal rng1 As Range, ByVal rng2 As Range) ' ... End Sub

This example should NOT trigger a result

MyModule (StandardModule)
Public Sub CopyFormatRules(ByVal source As Range, ByVal destination As Range) ' ... End Sub

Rubberduck.CodeAnalysis.Inspections.Concrete.UseMeaningfulNameInspection.cs (Prerelease-v2.5.9.6289)