Smart Indenter

A C# port of the original Smart Indenter add-in, with all your favorite settings and more!

Quickly apply consistent and completely configurable indentation across an entire procedure, module, or project, with just a few clicks - or a hotkey. The VB6 source code of the original 32-bit Smart Indenter add-in was graciously offered to the Rubberduck project by its owners, licensed under GPLv3. Try it here!

If you have Smart Indenter installed when Rubberduck first launches, you will be prompted to import your Smart Indenter settings into Rubberduck.

Originally a direct port of the VB6 code, Rubberduck’s C# version was soon refactored and extended - but every bit of functionality remained... except the progress bar. We don’t need a progress bar when the whole project idents in the blink of an eye!


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