Code Explorer (toolwindow)

The **Code Explorer** tool window provides a lot of functionality. It is similar to the built-in **Project Explorer** but adds many new features and integration with Rubberduck's capabilities. Example view of the Code Explorer: ![Code Explorer Tool Window Full View]( The explorer has four main sections, starting from the top: - A toolbar to perform various actions and change the view of the tree view - A search box provides filtering the tree view by name - The tree view shows the library references and the project modules and classes - An information panel at the bottom #### Toolbar ![Toolbar with labels]( - Refresh: - Add...: - Sort: - Toggle signatures: - Open Designer: - Sync with code pane: - Copy to clipboard: - Font size: - Collapse all: - Expand all: #### Search Just start typing and the tree view will dynamically adjust to only show matching items. #### Tree view The tree view is an expandable folder representation of the library references and code / forms in each open project. The folder structure will follow Rubberduck's `@folder` annotation, allowing for multiple top-level folders and nested folders. Each code module can also be expanded to show the top-level items in each module, e.g. constants, types and procedures. Types and enums can be further expanded to show their components. Right-click items in the tree view to get a context menu for performing further actions e.g. adding an annotation or peeking the definition without navigating to the code. #### Information panel Shows further details on the selected item and provides convenient access to the indent, rename or find references to the selected item.