Online Indenter

A build (not necessarily the latest version) of our C# port of the original Smart Indenter add-in is hosted on this website: the library doesn’t really care whether it’s indenting a string that comes from the VBE, or one that comes from, say, a textbox on some web page...

Alignment Options

Align comments with code
Align continuations
Ignore operators
Align dims

End-of-line comment style:

Special Options

Force debug directives to column 1
Force Debug.Print statements to column 1
Force Debug.Assert statements to column 1
Force Stop statements to column 1
Force compiler directives to column 1

Empty line handling:

Indent Options

Indent entire procedure body
Indent first comment block
Indent first declaration block
Ignore empty lines in first blocks
Indent comments in Enum and Type blocks like in procedures
Indent case
Indent compiler directives
Indent spaces: