Code Inspections

Static code analysis can find hundreds of opportunities in VBA code.

Rubberduck builds its own internal representation of the code, and then proceeds to analyze it. Each individual inspection can easily be disabled, or configured to issue inspection results at different severity levels ranging from Hint to Error.

Use the Inspection Results toolwindow to review Rubberduck’s findings, search, filter, regroup results by inspection, location, type, or severity. Each inspection result comes with a detailed description of what’s being flagged and why, so you can make an enlightened decision.

Unless configured otherwise, Rubberduck automatically runs inspections after the a parser/resolver cycle completes (regardless of whether the inspection results toolwindow is displayed or not).

For the best experience, it would be recommended to first try Rubberduck with an empty project, add a new module, and write, say, a loop that counts 1 to 10 and outputs to the debug pane - then to parse that and review the inspection results; carefully review the inspection settings, and consider disabling the inspections that irreconcilably clash with your preferences: use meaningful names alone can easily produce hundreds upon hundreds of results if you’re not that much into using vowels, or if you, say, prefix all your variable names; these inspections can be re-enabled anytime you’re ready!

All Inspections

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