Quickly fix common code issues across a procedure, module, or project.

From the Inspection Results toolwindow, select an inspection result; the Fix dropdown menu lists all available quick-fixes for the selected result. Alternatively, simply right-click the result you want to apply a quick-fix to, and select the appropriate fix from the context menu.

Keep in mind that while static code analysis can easily and reliably spot syntactical elements (e.g. access modifiers, implicit keywords, etc.), analysis of code semantics is only as accurate as the internal representation of the code, and while 100% accuracy is the goal, in many cases it’s simply impossible: late-bound member calls (implicit or not) cannot be resolved, for example procedures invoked outside the VBA project (e.g. Excel user-defined functions, macros invoked by Access reports, etc.) are going to be reported as not used. Never blindly apply a quick-fix across an entire scope, module, or project, without first reviewing every individual result for a given inspection.

Exactly what a particular quick-fix does is entirely up to its implementation, but running any quick-fix will trigger an automatic reparse.


These features will be announced as \"new\" when they are merged into the [master] branch. Until then, they are only available in pre-release builds.

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