Bring the VBE into this century!

Or help us do it! Rubberduck is a very active open-source COM add-in project that integrates with the Visual Basic Editor to enable the features every programmer wants to have in their IDE. From unit testing to code inspections and refactorings, programming in VBA will never be the same.

Code Explorer

Organize your VBA/VB6 project like never before, using special annotation comments to customize a folder hierarchy.

Navigation tools menu

Warning: Addictive.

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Smart Indenter

A C# port/rewrite of the original Smart Indenter 32-bit VBIDE add-in works in 64-bit hosts.

All your Smart Indenter options, and more.

Rubberduck can import your legacy Smart Indenter settings.

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Quickly find what's using what and where, with enhanced navigation tooling.

Navigation tools menu

Features that make you want to early-bind everything.

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[Prerelease-v2.4.1.5105] 2019-10-19 152
Prereleases since [Prerelease-v2.4.1.4636] 2019-04-02 7,053
[v2.4.1] 2019-03-25 4,917
Releases since [v1.0] 2014-11-30 24,620

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JetBrains ReSharper

Since the project's early days, JetBrains' Open-Source team has been supporting Rubberduck with free OSS licenses for all core contributors - and we deeply thank them for that. ReSharper has been not only a tool we couldn't do without; it's been an inspiration, the ultimate level of polished perfection to strive for in our own IDE add-in project. So just like you're missing out if you write VBA and you're not using Rubberduck, you're missing out if you write C# and aren't using ReSharper.

Note: Rubberduck is not a JetBrains product. JetBrains does not contribute and is not affiliated to the Rubberduck project in any way.