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A free and open-source VBIDE add-in

Get the latest official release here:

 v2.5.2.1 (main)

 released 2021-05-03



Try all the new/upcoming features with latest pre-release version:

 Prerelease-v2.5.2.6260 (next)

 released 2023-03-26



Features overview

Rubberduck aims to bring the VBIDE into this century, and it starts with features like these:

Code Inspections

Rubberduck understands Classic-VB code like no other add-in, giving it superior static code analysis capabilities that go far above and beyond what is possible with simple text-based analysis. Avoid common pitfalls (some not-so-common) with dozens (100+) of configurable inspections.

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Gain full control over module and member attributes, create a virtual folder hierarchy, document modules and procedures, all with special comment annotations.

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Navigation Tools

Navigate a Classic-VB project like never before, quickly locating identifier references, interface implementations, and anything else that has a name. Add a full folder structure for organising your modules.

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Before Rubberduck, the only refactoring-like tool in the VBE was... Find/Replace (<kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>H</kbd>), which treats the code as, essentially, plain text. Rubberduck changes that: when you _refactor/rename_ a variable, only _that_ variable gets renamed, and all its (early-bound) usages get updated.

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Unit Testing

Write code that runs your code and verifies its output is as expected, given controlled inputs. Organize tests into categories, run them directly in the VBIDE, view results in a dedicated explorer toolwindow.

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